Justin King

Multimedia Design Test

client: Nuffer, Smith & Tucker

In May of 2021 I was asked to take part in a design test as part of the application process for a design role with Nuffer, Smith & Tucker. The test consisted of creating a branded landing page around their “food intelligence” yearly campaign. Secondary to the landing page, an annual report cover page and full spread layout mockup that matched the branding of the landing page was also tasked. Using only provided copy and NFT logos, I set forth to first create the landing page by gathering some relevant and powerful stock photography that complimented the copy provided.

Next, I jumped into Adobe Xd and Photoshop to create the layout and user experience. My idea was to break up each paragraph of content in very easily to identify “sections” with a subtle arrow pointing downward to invite the user to explore the rest of the page. A top navigation bar would allow for fast travel to each section as well as point towards NFT’s main page. The arrow element made it over to the annual report layout design as well, and helped to visually tie both pieces together in a cohesive way. Although I did not get the role with NFT, I was very proud of the work I performed and feel it is a great example of how I can create branded multimedia design campaigns using little to no visual direction.